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FUJIRISE as a top elevator manufacturer, over 20years professionally engages in developing, manufacturing and selling elevators and escalators. We have 80,000m² modern factory, 500 Workers, 15 Speciaized Prodction Lines, More Than 100 Sets Full-Automatic Machines produce over 100,000 units elevators per year.
Main products as following:
Passenger elevator,panoramic elevator,home elevator,hospital elevator,freight elevator, commercial elevator,buiding elevator ,small elevator,escalator ,moving sidewalk etc.
Competitive factory price based on high-quality to push your business forward quickly.
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Passenger Elevator

Here some may be your concerns

For Price :Our factory has a capacity of 30,000 units elevator per year, and we get very good prices from our suppliers for high raw material purchases. This allows us to offer better elevator prices to our customers.


For Quality: Our Control cabinets use Monarch System III cabinets with self-contained voice announcements and Silent Contactor,We have CE,TUV,EAC certificate.


Pre-sales services:We have professional technical team, if your parameters are complete, we can make a drawing on the same day.


Production days: Our factory has many fully automated robotic production lines and advanced production equipment, which greatly improves production speed and efficiency, production time within 15-20 working days.


After sales:We have a professional shipping team that will keep a record of the entire packing and shipping process, so we can find a record of any missing parts. We also have a professional after-sales team, any after-sales problems will give a reply within 2 hours, continuous tracking and resolution.

Welcome to visit our factory, we are 2 hours away from Shanghai , FUJIRISE COMPNAY will arrange everything for you!
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