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Welcome to FUJIRISE


Top Elevator&Escalator Manufacturer in China.

With the National Special Equipment Manufacturing “A” class licence.Installation, transformation and maintenance “A” class licence.Provide Clients ONE-STOP Service.

Elevator Types

As a professional elevator&escalator manufacturer supplier.FUJIRISE has been developing, producing, sales, installation and maintenance for more than 20 years .The products cover: high-speed elevator, passenger elevator,sightseeing elevator, bed elevator, hospital elevator, home elevator, freight elevator, car elevator, dumbwaiter elevator, escalator, moving walkway etc.To guarantee top quality and fast delevery time.

About FUJIRISE Elevator Manufacturer

More than 20 years Experience

FUJIRISE Company is a professional Elevator and Escalator manufacturing enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, marketing,installation and maintenance.A well-known elevator producer in China since 2002 .More than 20 years professional manufacturing experience in Elevator products Customized ONE-STOP SERVICE. 80,000-square-meter factory with robot full automated production lines ,internationally recognized certificates from ISO9001, CE, TUV,EAC, etc.FUJIRISE elevators are exported all over the world .On time delivery.

1.We are committed to the production of diversified products and strictly control the quality of raw materials to ensure the high quality of our products.

2.We have strong supply chain resources, focusing on production research and development, reasonable price and providing advanced technical support.

3.We have professional business, operation, purchasing, quality control and after-sales teams to provide the best service to our customers.

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Changwen kitchenware, the Top Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturer​

One-Stop Kitchenware Production Solution

We are always the leader in the kitchenware production industry and have been providing our customers with a full range of kitchenware production services.
We can combine components of different shapes, different colors and different materials for stainless steel pots. The bottom of the pot can be selected from single layer, 3 layers, 5 layers, or customized according to your needs.









The Services We Provide

OEM/ODM Kitchenware

Changwen is an expert in the design and manufacture of high-quality stainless steel cookware, and a leading supplier of stainless steel cookware in China. Changwen is committed to designing unique and innovative products. Global Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) capabilities. Whether our customers provide stainless steel cookware designs or work with us using our proprietary designs, Changwen is able to provide innovative and high quality stainless steel cookware products for their needs.
Changwen designs and manufactures high-quality multi-layer stainless steel cookware that meets customers’ culinary requirements. You’ll find that we manufacture high-quality multi-layer stainless steel cookware that best suits your needs if you:
A global brand looking for quality supply partners for ODMs.
Stainless steel cookware retail store.
A direct selling/multi-level marketing company looking for a unique line of high quality and well designed stainless steel cookware.
Merchants who have just entered the beverage industry;
Find an exclusive line of high-end multi-layer stainless steel and induction compatible stainless steel cookware for your private label;
Need an expert to tailor a premium range of multi-layer stainless steel and induction compatible stainless steel cookware for you.

Experience & Technology​

Competitive Global Advantages

Changwen cookware always has a triple responsibility: multifunctionality property safety and decorative requirements. Changwen believes that cookware used in the kitchen is not only easy to be used in cooking, but also ensures that the cooked food is safe, non-toxic and free of residues.
A set of cookware should match the exquisite decoration of customers so that they can enjoy the fun of home cooking more.
There are not many cookwared manufacturers in the market that can consider the needs of customers in many ways. After more than 20 years of market researches and customer feedback, Changwen has been continuously improving its products and providing customers with high-quality, safe and exquisite cookware. Changwen is committed to improving customers’ comfortable and healthy experience of cooking.

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We are a Elevator and Escalator manufacturing company with 50 years of experience. Our team consists of professional engineers and technicians with extensive expertise in lift design, manufacture and installation. We are able to design large cabins for small shafts using compact structures, as well as solving our customers’ low pit and low overhead situation.



Our company has advanced production equipment and efficient production process. The workshop is equipped with many fully automated robotic production lines, which are capable of achieving fast production cycles. To ensures the consistency and stability of the products while guaranteeing the production speed to meet the needs of our customers for large volume orders. For example, we can complete a 30-unit project in 20 days.



Our sales team will provide professional advice and customised solutions based on project requirements. As long as the parameters provided are complete, a drawing can be issued on the same day. After places the order, we will follow up the production progress in time and inform buyer the exact shipping date. Our shipping department is also very professional, they will maximise the optimisation of container space utilisation to ensure that more goods are loaded. When the customer starts the installation, the technicians from both sides will also set up a communication group for faster communication.


Quality control

Our professional technical processing department will carry out a detailed technical review of every project, then the project information will be uploaded to the company system, so that each department can view and do the relevant work. Before shipment, we will try to install cabin, and the electrical department will test the electrical parts such as the control cabinet ,cop,hop etc, and we will send the photos of the main parts to our buyer. In addition, there is a packing list in English on the outside of each outer box, and the packing process will also be photographed and recorded.


Guarantee period

18 months since the elevator starting running after installation, but totally less than 24 months after delivery.

Why Choose FUJIRISE as Your Elevator Suppier?

Our elevators have excellent quality and reliability, giving you a safe and stable lift system, our company has more than 20 years of experience and expertise to customise solutions according to your needs, and our after-sales service and technical support system is very complete,Ability to respond and resolve issues in a timely manner to ensure that our lifts run well over the long term

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